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A gritty portrait of New York City, Allen Shadow's "King Kong Serenade" evokes the spirits of Kerouac, street hustlers, jazz greats, and a cavalcade of dreamers and losers. The Five Points slum aflame in Scorsese's "Gangs of New York" sizzles in Shadow's song "Sugar Street" (audio files, below).

"King Kong Serenade" is a wild "mind movie" of powerful images that make dreamscapes of Times Square, Coney Island, the Bronx, and a bevy of weighty subjects. Shadow's band features Bob Dylan guitar alum John Jackson and John Prine

drummer Paul Griffith. Below are song descriptions. Listen to complete tracks free and download a free *MP3. And see why the critics are raving about "Serenade."
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Crossroads of America
Times Square is the backdrop in this lament to the city's lost grit and inspiration through icons Kerouac, jazz and B-movies. *Now, enjoy this free mp3.
King Kong Serenade
The "Beast of Broadway" is idolized as Allen Ginsberg plays his harmonium.
Hopper's Town
"Garbo walks 5th sunstriped and blue" in this celebration of Edward Hopper, whose paintings capture the city's mystery best.
"Ghosts of Broadway loom" as the "the subway snakes the tenements" in this taut "film noir" tale of murder.
You, Coney Island 
Frued, Thomas Edison and Topsy the Elephant inhabit this dreamscape tour de force that is also metaphor for the 20th century.
"In the glass of Bloomingdale's, ghost taxis flash," and so does the fate of you and I and all those who have dared to eclipse mortality in the city lights.
Bronx housewives boff seltzermen and cultures burst in the Bronx air as generations turn in this small novel of a song that evokes such events as the Happy Land disco fire of 1990.
Empress of Night
City as siren — "she hums a song for boys and beasts."
Sugar Street
"Crime sweats on tenement walls" in the old Five Points slum in this raw drama on the dark side of immigration, a subject also aflame in Scorsese's Gangs of New York.
Poet in the City 
A poetic acid trip evoking Federico Garcia Lorca's own view of the industrial revolution coming from his own trip to Metropolis in the 1930s.
King of the Moon
A son finds freedom from nightmarish Bronx rooms ("Three Stooges melting on the TV to Tchaikovsky") and the governing hand of his father.
X Train

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